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깜찍한 느낌의 배치

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In this tutorial, we will render an organic creature along with some characters. There's not much design in this scene, as the crab and characters are
pre-existing subject matters. However, changing their scale will turn this piece into a fun scene.

Composition is very important at this stage. In order to make the crab appear massive, we lowered the horizon-line and placed the crab's body above it.
We also placed the camera close to the ground to achieve a wide-angle lens effect.
The image on the upper left is our first rough sketch attempt. Notice how the camera "lens" is not wide enough. You can tell by looking at the size of the
claws (they are almost the same size). However, the background is definitely shot with a wide-angle lens, because of the strong 3-point perspective lines.
As a result, this sketch didn't look correct. The sketch on the upper right is the second attempt. Notice how we fixed the camera problem by making the
far claw a lot smaller. The bottom images are reference pictures, taken by Feng in Port Douglas, Australia. Notice how the highlights work on the claws.
We will carry that effect over into our painting.
Now we are ready to clean up the rough line drawing. At this point, the characters are just roughed in and not defined at all. We will change these characters
Use your reference materials to get all the major details down correctly. For example, crab claws always have one moveable pincher. This pincher is always
the one facing up. Without reference, this detail may be drawn incorrectly. Even if you are designing a "made-up" creature, it is important to understand how
the real thing works.

This scene is definitely inspired by early classic movies such as Spartacus. Those films tend to have very dramatic lighting. To pay homage, we do the
same in this piece. A strong light is placed above the scene. Not only will this light make the scene more dramatic, it'll also help define the crab's scale.
The large shadow dwarfs the characters in comparison, thus further enhancing the crab's size.
We continue to add more details. We changed the stance of the characters a bit here. In the original sketch, they were supposed to be hunters. But being
an animal lover, we decided to make the scene a little more peaceful; perhaps the crabs and humans are having a conversation, or maybe they are about
to have a fight. Who knows? We'll leave it up to the viewer to decide.
Finally, some textures, dust, and last minute details are added. And we're done!

[출처] fengzhu3 - tutorial |작성자 견우

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(모두 한 줄로!   All in a row)

(모두 가버렸네!  All gone away)

(바닷물에 비춰보다   Reflecting the tide)

(세상 속에서 자신을 찾아 보다   Finding yourself in the world)

(멈추지 않을 거야    Moving on)

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